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How to set up an order or trade

Buying tapes

All titles are £6 within the UK, inclusive of postage. If outside the UK, you will be charged additional to cover the paypal and postage costs.

Payment is by cheque or postal order within the UK or Paypal, international money order or money transfer service (Western Union for example) elsewhere in the world.

To make an order just cut and paste the titles you need into an e mail  and let me know where you live. I will tell you how much money to send and where to send it. When I have recieved payment I will send your order.

Be aware that most titles on the full list are tapes. If you want CDs only just stick to the CD list (see left!).

Be aware that if a CD title comprises of 2 CDs I charge that as one title. The sets that are 3 or 4 CDs are charged £8 and £10 respectively.


I still like to trade CDs and tapes by post the old fashion way. To set up a trade, let me know how many you need from me and give me your trading list or else a list of stuff you have that is not on my list. I do not need any hissy tapes so please bear sound quality in mind when offering me stuff.

the e mail adress for sorting out trades or sales is mistersoundtapes@googlemail.com

(Note: this is not my paypal adress!)

New: order form!

submit an order form if it's easier for you! Remember to include your contact details, country of residence and exactly what you need!